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Wisdom Within You

A fine-art photography journal by Gita Lesmana

that inspired by the life itself, projected through

her perspective in the mind and spirit.

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"Ms. Rhea" is a beauty-lifestyle blog named after the mother of Zeus, Goddess Rhea (a name that I really like to use on the internet at that time and it's part of my identity now).

It's the main platform where I poured out my passion and made it possible to do a lot of amazing paid-collaboration with brands all around the world.

Established in 2012, Ms. Rhea's blog now has over 20K pageviews every month and continuously growing, was born in Indonesia, and currently lives in the heart of Vancouver.

I grew up with this blog while learning so many things like copywriting, photography, professional relationship with brands, managing a beauty community, and digital marketing. With a lot of perseverance, hard work, hustle, and love, this blog has brought me to London Fashion Week in 2016, also other various awards that I will never take for granted.

Visit my blog: www.rheagita.com and can't wait to have a collaboration with you!

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