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Creative Director at Refresh Shop

The pictures below are my works portfolio with Refresh CBD Shop - a USA-based startup that sells CBD products and their office was in Vancouver, Canada.

  1. Visual design (including branding).

  2. Packaging design.

  3. Photography / Videography. Starting from scratch, I did the concept and shot the packaging pictures, model, and also other stuff related. Also doing some video on their Youtube channel and Website. This job desk also requires digital manipulation.

  4. Social media management. Using a platform called Later, I am managing all Refresh social media such as Instagram (main), Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube. Everything has to be scheduled prior, with some planning on what topic we should cover for the week.

  5. Community management. Replied to comment, direct messages, and connect with some influencers for promotional events.

packaging design

packaging design

digital manipulation
packaging design

digital manipulation

photography and editing

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